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, | Unfiltered | April 16, 2019

(A young woman comes in and asks for the price of a room. She seems to be Indian descent. I tell her.)

Woman: “No, that’s too much. Do you have discounts?”

Me: “Well, triple A is [price].”

Woman: “No, it’s still too much.” *sighs* “Now, what I am supposed to do, I’m stranded here and I can’t afford it!”

Me: “Well, you could go to another cheaper hotel.”

Woman: “How?”

Me: “Well, there are some five miles away. You could take a taxi.” *trying to be helpful* “Want me to call you one?”

Woman: “No! Taxis rape yoooou!”

Me: *shocked* “Uh?”

Woman: “Rape!” *leaves*

(She took off a a fast pace towards to budget hotels, I guess, meaning to walk the whole way rather than taking a cab. This was after midnight, a lone woman, in the worst part of town. I hope she made it there okay!)