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(I work as an operator in a hotel. When you call our phone number, you hear a recorded line that says the hotel name as well as a menu to direct you to where you want to go (make a reservation, talk to security, etc). Note that there is no way to speak to the operator, or call the hotel in general, without hearing the recorded line and hotel name first. A few days ago, I get the following call.)

Me: Thank you for calling [Hotel Name], this is [My Name] speaking, how may I direct your call?
Caller: Yes, I’m looking for [Guest Name]’s room?
Me: (After looking for a minute for the name) I’m sorry, sir, I don’t have that name in our system.
Caller: … You don’t have her in your system?
Me: That’s correct, I’m sorry, sir. Are you sure she was staying with [Hotel Name]?
Caller: Yes, I did. Her name is [Guest Name]. I know she’s staying there, I just spoke to her.
Me: Okay, I looked again and I’m very sorry but I cannot find her in my system.
Caller: Are you serious? This is ridiculous. I know she’s staying there, she’s in room [1500 number].
Me: …. You said room [1500#]
Caller: Yes! I know she’s there, I literally just spoke to her.
Me: Sir… there is no such room at this hotel.
Caller: What?
Me: We only have rooms that go up to the 1300s.
Caller: Wait… is this [Different Hotel]?
Me: No, sir, as I’ve stated before, this is [Hotel Name].
Caller: Oh, I’m sorry, I called the wrong hotel! Thanks anyway!