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(This happened with a co-worker of mine a few years ago. The coffee shop is well-known and is located inside a very popular retail store. This is one of the most unusual requests he had ever gotten from a customer.)

Him: Hello, ma’am, what can I get started for you today?
The customer: Uh, yes, may I have a coffee that doesn’t taste like a coffee?
[Him and another co-worker stared at each other for a minute bewildered at her request; he turns back to her, and says:]
Him: Umm, we have the [a drink] that you may like.
The customer: Okay, I’ll try that.
[She pays for it; he makes it for her; and places it on the counter]
Him: Enjoy, ma’am!
[She takes a sip of the coffee, gives him a disgusted look, and walks off with the drink in hand.]
His partner: Okay then. That was just weird.
Him: Yeah that was.