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(I am the customer in this story. My husband, my friend, and I are in the drive-though at a donut shop chain that is known for turning on a lighted sign when fresh hot donuts are available. The sign is currently on.)

Employee: Welcome to [donut shop], how can I help you?

Me: What’s hot right now?

Employee: Excuse me?!

(My husband and my friend start giggling.)

Me: The hot donuts sign is on. What kind of hot donuts do you have?

Employee: Oh! We only serve the glazed donuts hot.

Me: OK, we’ll take six of those.

(We get our donuts and start to drive away.)

Me: What were you guys laughing about?

Husband: I think the drive-through guy thought you were hitting on him!

Friend: Hey baby, what’s hot right now?

Me: That has to be the worst pick-up line ever!