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(I’m in a video game store that I frequently visit. Today, I’m about to pre-order a game that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while.)

Cashier: Would you like to become a plus member of this store?

Me: Does it cost anything?

Cashier: Nope, not a thing. Using the membership card every time you shop here will eventually net you level-ups and some great offers.

Me: Oh, sweet! Then I’d like to sign up, please.

(I give him my name, birth date and address.)

Cashier: And what’s your e-mail address?

Me: …Er, actually, can I write it up instead? It’s an e-mail I created ages ago, so it’s a bit embarrassing to say out loud.

(The cashier just chuckles and prints out a receipt for me to write my e-mail on.)

Me: I’ve had it since I was 10 years old and I can’t be bothered to get a new one.

Cashier: *grins* Well, you’re certainly not the first to feel that way.

Me: Really? Others have asked to write their e-mail instead of saying it?

Cashier: No, but you can tell that some find their e-mails embarrassing. As soon as we ask for them, they go all red in the face and start mumbling.

(So, to anybody who feels embarrassed about their e-mails; Take comfort in that you’re not the only ones to feel that way.)

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