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i am about 12.
Me and my mother are in a Target, getting flavored water and other things for our family.
As we walk to checkout, one of the carbonated drinks slips from my arm and falls onto the ground, and starts spinning and spewing the drink on the floor.
“Take it to the trash!” My mother says. There is a pink puddle on the ground and a group of customers start to approach.
“Watch out!” My mom says.
“What the f***?!” one of the customers say.
“It’s juice!” Another says.
“No, it’s water,” my mom tells the girl.
“It’s juice,” she says condescendingly.
I went back to grab another one and me and my mother start walking towards the checkout again. As we pass the unruly customers, one of them murmurs something along the lines of, “if this happens again, I’m suing the f*** out of Target.”
Needless to say, we told the cashier and someone was sent to clean it up.

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