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“I work in the garden center of my store. I spend the day driving a forklift around helping people load their selections.”
Customer: Get me this. “Hands me the picking ticket with his block selection. I go get the full pallet of block and bring it to his truck.”
Me: Here’s one pallet we can load now. I’ll have to go look for the other.
Customer: good I’ll just take this now. Are you sure you can load this in the back of the truck?? Maybe you should go find someone else.
Me: I’m sure I can do this but can your truck hold all of this weight?
Customer: “looks at me as if I’m an idiot.” Of course it can hold it. I plan on taking both pallets at once. (Keep in mind each pallet is probably around 1500-2000 pounds)
Me: ok…. ” I put it in the back and the truck sinks all the way down. Not all the weight is even in the back because the pallet is still on the my forks” are you sure you don’t want to grab a trailer?
Customer: shit…. I’m gonna go grab a trailer. Make sure both pallets are ready when I get back!
“Comes back with trailer”
you know what I don’t even want these they’re not the right color, I want these “points to a pallet of discontinued block”
Me: you’re gonna have to go inside and change you’re ticket then.
Customer: this is bullshit! Just put both pallets on the trailer.” He goes and I put one pallet on and the trailer is old and struggling to even hold the one. He comes back” why aren’t both on their?!?
Me: because they don’t fit. I can only get one on it.
Customer: “cursing under his breath” fine!! “He leave with the one and comes back for the other. I pick it up and the pallet of block has been sitting there so long that it has started to rot away. As I move towards the trailer I can hear it starting to break and then it collapses in on itself. The customer is obviously angry so I grab and empty pallet and start stacking the 500 or so blocks onto the new pallet. We get the first few levels done when the customer blows up”
Customer: this is bullshit! I shouldn’t have to deal with this. Get me a manger now!!!
“I go get the assistant manager of the store”
Customer: ” to the manager” This is bullshit!! This pallet is obviously rotten. I should be getting compinsated for this!!! I’ve got 6 guys at a job site waiting for these. Who’s paying them??? Isn’t my time valuable to you?!? I should be getting compinsated for this!
Manager: well we can’t control if a pallet is going to break. You wanted THIS pallet. No others. The most we can do is help restack it on the new pallet and wrap it back up for you
“The customer the starts cursing under his breath about the whole situation trying to blame me for the pallet breaking. We get him loaded up and finally on his way. After he has gone.
Manager: I hope he understands that it rained earlier and that those blocks are wet and aren’t going to be the same color when they dry.
Me: I was trying to tell him that but he just kept looking at me like I was the idiot here….