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(I’m working the customer service desk when a customer comes up with a window fan and a six pack of beer)

Customer: Hey I want to return this fan, one side is really loud.

Me: Sure, not an issue (I process the transaction)

Customer: Oh and I want to buy this beer too.

Me: Alright (I scan the beer, look at him, he’s fairly young) Can I see some ID?

Customer: Sure (hands over the ID, I notice something wrong)

Me: You realize this ID expired over a month ago right? (I had it back to him)

Customer: Yeah I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me for it. Can I still get it?

Me: (I just take the beer off the counter, and stare at him until he backs away with the money from the return and leaves the line)

Manager who had been standing behind me the whole time: Did he really just try that?

Me: Yep!