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(My family and boyfriend are the customers in this story, we were renovating the house my family has just moved into and buying paint for our rooms, since my brother and I are in our twenties and our sister is in her late teens)
Me: I think I’ll get one of these mixed up in silk emulsion.
Brother: That’s more expensive than matt!
Me: It’s tougher than matt, that’s why.
Brother: No! I mean, you’d have to buy the matt as well as the silk and use the matt as a colour undercoat!
Boyfriend: No, that’s not how it goes.
Brother: Yes it is.
(I notice that an older man in the store’s uniform is behind my brother, listening with an incredulous look on his face)
Me: Sir, I’m sorry, would you mind lending your expertise?
Clerk: You need a white matt undercoat, but the colour coat can be whatever kind of emulsion you want.
Me: Also, who is in charge of the mixing service?
(He raises his hand, and I have the silk emulsion for one wall mixed with the other being an on the shelf blue)

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