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I work at a large clothing store. Please note that I’m a tall woman with very short hair.

(middle-aged woman comes up to help desk)
Me: How can I help you, Ma’am?
Her: Excuse me, but…it’s embarrassing. Can I please talk to a woman?
Me: I can help you, in that c-
Her: No, I need a woman.
Me: Ma’am, I am a woman.
Her: No you’re not! Stop trying to butt into this!
Me: Ma’am, listen to my voice. Does this sound like a man’s voice?
(store manager comes over)
Manager: Excuse me, ma’am?
Her: (pointing to me) He’s trying to creep on me when I said I only want a woman to help me!
Manager: First of all, that “he” that you’re talking about is a she. Second, she wasn’t creeping on you, she was just trying to help you with your problem. And third, she told you that she was a woman numerous times. Why did you not believe her, if you don’t mind me asking?
Her: I…uh….well…*lost for words*
Me: NOW can I help you, Ma’am?
Her: Y-yes, of course!

(As it turns out, she was trying to find out how to get her daughter’s period stains out of her clothes.)