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(I work at a popular restaurant downtown, we open at 11am everyday for lunch. On the weekends we sometimes offer breakfast at 9am until 11am. This situation occurs 30 minutes before we open. There is no one in the restaurant, and I’m the only employee around.)
Me: “Hey there folks how can I help you today?”
Customer: ” Hi, we’re here for breakfast.”
Me: ” I’m sorry ma’am, we’re not serving breakfast today, it’s usually on the weekends at 9 am. We’re only serving lunch today.”
Customer:” I have this coupon for breakfast.”
( She then proceeds to shove the coupon in my face and make me look at it.)
Me: ” I’m sorry ma’am we don’t have breakfast today, it’s usually on Sundays.”
Customer:” Today is Sunday.”
Me: “I know ma’am but we’reĀ  only serving lunch today. We had breakfast last Sunday but we closed late last night so we don’t have breakfast.”
Customer: “So I can’t use my coupon?”
Me:”No ma’am, we do not have breakfast.”
(The couple walked out confused as to why they couldn’t use the coupon for lunch.)