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(I work in a well-known chain. I was talking to other employee on our lunch break, behind a counter. We are both Christian.)
Me:…anyway, Jesus said so-
Little Girl (in the queue at the next counter): Bad! Bad! (she comes up and hits my hand, which is on the counter, rather hard.) Don’t swear! Naughty! Naughty!
Me: What?
Little Girl: You swore! You said the ‘J-word’!
(Her mother grabs her by the arm and begins pulling her away.)
Mother: [Little Girl], don’t! (To us) I’m sorry, she can’t stand people swearing.
Little Girl: (as they’re going) She said the word Daddy makes when he hits his hand! Naughty!
(The mother dragged her out, not even paying for her items.  Which included cigarettes, alcohol and condoms.)