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[The following takes place when my coworker is working for me.]

Front Desk Agent: [Responding to a call of a naked man asleep in the lobby elevators.] “Oh my God! Call the cops!”

[She does see a naked man passed out in the elevator, and a pile of poop next to him as well. She also alerts Hotel Security and they capture the man on the next floor up.]

Naked Man: What are you all bothering me for? I didn’t do anything!
Security: You’re not a guest here. Your clothes are in the elevator and you went to the bathroom in there. The police are on their way.
Naked Man: I didn’t DO anything!!

[He eventually picked up his clothes and cleaned his mess up after a highly angry Engineer ordered him to do so. Not quite sure if he went to jail or not after taking his clothes off and going to sleep inside of our elevators, after having gone to the restroom in them.]

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