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These two guys come in with lots of five dollar bills. guy drops down 4 five dollar bills and says “can i get a 20 for that”. grab the 5the bills and give him a 20. this goes on for a few minutes him dropping down 5 dollar bills and getting a 20. the last one his friend says” wait you still owe me 5 dollars”. he replies “oh ya can i just get those 5’s back” .

I replied” no we are even”¬† he argues with me say i still owe him 20 dollars. i replied “don’t try to quick change me i can quick change you”. he “say how can you do that”. i said “give me the 20’s back” i count in front of him 200 dollars( i can do slight of hand magic. so i slip one of my fingers between the bills and palm half of them)

hand them to him he grabs them and says “what did you do”. i replied “count your money’. he only counts to 100. i hold up the other 100 in my hand. Shocked look on his face¬† and says “how did you do that”. i replied “not telling you”.

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