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(I work for an IT company that provides Helpdesk support and other IT services to companies in our area. We manage the IT for roughly one hundred and fifty different organizations, including auto shops, animal hospitals, dentists, and police stations. This user called in complaining that she couldn’t open the payroll PDF her co-worker sent her in her personal mailbox.)

“I can’t download attachments from Verizon.”
“Ok, let me look at this for you.”
(I attempt the download, IE gives a warning pop up that says it can not download the driver from Verizon)
“Ok, have you tried any other browsers?”
“Yes, Google.”
“Ok. Let me see what happens with that. Maybe it will be a different error.”
(I hop onto Chrome and attempt the download, the PDF downloads immediately.)
“I just tried that with [Co-worker] and it didn’t work. Let me back out of everything, see if I’m not crazy.”
(User opens google desktop, which uses internet explorer, and goes to the Google website to go to her mailbox.)
“See, it doesn’t work.”
“.. That’s because you’re using IE.”
“No I’m not!”

(She couldn’t even tell the difference between IE and Chrome, despite me opening both right in front of her and IE having a good five toolbars.)