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We have a membership program that people pay $10 and get 5% off all purchases for a year. We used to be able to just look up to see if it was expired  but when we updated it last fall and we can not longer change the dates on our computer. We tell them when they get their card that they needed to keep it with them when they come in so we know it is not expired.

Me: Okay just finished up with that. And remember to bring it with you every time you come in so you can get the discount.
Customer: I can’t do that. If I did that with every card I was given my wallet would be over flowing.
Me: Ma’am we need you to have it so we know it is not expired.
Customer’s  friend: Well how can I use it if she has the card. You have to be able to look it up.
Me: We can look up if it exists but I will have no way to know if it is expired. I can not change it on this computer to say so. Only the main computer in a completely different store can change it. That’s why we ask that you have it so we know it is still good.
Customer: Well that is punishing your loyal customers.
Me: I’m sorry but I can’t do anything from this computer

They then leave in a huff. The 5% doesn’t even cover for tax please calm down and don’t harass the employees

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