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My dad and I have a long standing tradition of trying to steal each other’s food, with the house rule being “you snooze, you lose.” We are out at breakfast in a small mom and pop place. It’s crowded, noisy, and difficult to have a conversation across the table, but very much worth it for the amazing food and service.

Our waitress takes our order and brings it out in record time. We have asked for the exact same thing, right down to the sides of eggs and bacon. As the waitress sets down the food, I can hear my dad talking to her and get the gist of “doesn’t need bacon.”

Initially, the waitress is confused, but quickly realizes what’s going on when she sees me glaring at my dad and pulling my plate closer to me. She smiles, immediately grabs my dad’s food, and starts handing it to me. We all start laughing, she puts the food back down, and my dad “complains” about how messed up it was that he tried to steal my bacon and the waitress turned on him.

Something about women sticking together. We had a great breakfast, waitress got a great tip, and we will definitely be going back.