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I’m shopping for vegetables, holding a shopping basket and obviously wearing headphones, when suddenly, a middle-aged lady approaches me :
Lady: Excuse me, where’s the lemongrass?
Me (taking off my headphones): Lemongrass? I’m sorry, I don’t know, maybe over there?
Lady (rather brusquely) : What, you don’t know?
Me: No I don’t, I’m sorry.
Lady: How can you not know?!
Me: I’ve never bought lemongrass before, sorry. Now excuse me.
(I would have helped her find it, but she’s being so rude, I decide to walk away. As I do, I hear her being outraged out loud at “kids these days, being lazy and knowing nothing about respect and customer service”. When I get to the register, she’s 2 customers behind me in the line. When she sees me paying, she yells: )
Lady: What?! You’re a customer? I’m so sorry! Honest mistake tough – you have to admit that your shirt is pretty similar to theirs!
(I’m wearing a blue scoop-neck shirt with black patches on the shoulders; employees have green polo shirts with red collars and the company logo on the front…)

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