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I am one of the assistent managers at our store when the phone rings.

Me: Good morning, you’re speaking to [Name of the store].

*Note: the name of the store is the general name of the retail chain, combined with the name of the town we’re in, because we have about 500 stores spread around the country. Our store is part of a very well-known Dutch retail chain and doesn’t sound at all like the first name of a person.*

Caller: Hello, good morning miss [Name of my store]! You are talking to [business that sells kids-toys]. Recently you’ve filled out a survey at our website and I’d like to thank you by sending a free kids puzzle book full with fun and educational puzzles. Would you be interested?

Me: Ehh, thank you, but you know you’re calling the [Store], at [Town]. This is not my first and last name. My name is [Name].

Caller: Oh, I already thought that [Store] was a strange name for someone. Well, would your employees still like to have one of the puzzle books, maybe to use in their lunch breaks?

Me: *laughing* No, but thank you very much for calling! I have no idea why someone would fill in the name, address and phone number of our store at a website for toys! Have a nice day.

Caller: Have a nice day too!