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(The store I work at is in a retail park and a major competitor is three doors down. It’s not uncommon for customers to combine their shopping in one of their bags or ours)
Customer: I want to return this smoke alarm.
Me: Sure, let’s pull up your profile and we can work from there.
(He did indeed buy a number of items on the day he specifies to me, but I notice that a smoke alarm isn’t on them.)
Me: Sir, I think this item was bought from another store here in the business park. We don’t carry it.
Customer: I’m certain I bought it here!
Me: Well, let me check the barcode.
(I take a handheld scanner and scan the barcode.)
Me: I’m sorry sir, our database doesn’t recognise the barcode, we don’t carry this item.
Colleague: *looking over my shoulder* She’s right, these have access to the entire database.
Customer: But I bought this from HERE!
Me: Is now a bad time to point out that your bag is from [competitor]?
(The customer looks caught off guard, then looks at his bag)
Me: *pointing in the direction* Three doors down.