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Her: *comes up, plunks her stuff down on the counter* How much?
Me: *smiles at her* I’ll tell you as soon as I ring it up.
Her: *angrily* Excuse me?
Me: ?
Her: *still angry* What did you just say to me?
Me: …I said I’ll tell you how much it costs as soon as I ring it up?
Her: *sarcastic* Well you obviously have excellent customer service skills. What’s your problem?
Me: *literally at a loss for words, because I don’t understand what just happened* Well my grandma is in the hospital…
Her: Well I’m sorry to hear that but don’t take it out on me!
Me: I’m sorry you feel like I’m taking it out on you, that was not my intention (because what the heck else was I supposed to say?)
Her: Well you are taking it out on me so you need to work on that.
Me: *hands her receipt and change* Well, you have a nice night.

After she left, me and my manager just looked at each other.  He assured me I hadn’t actually done anything wrong, that the lady was probably in a bad mood herself.

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