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(I’m on drive thru at my restaurant but there’s no cars at that point in time so I’m busy stocking up the front area)

Customer: (reading my name badge) “Triiii-ni-tyyyy”
Me: “Hi, can I help you?”
Customer: “Oh no I’ve already, I was just reading your name.”
Me: “Okay, sir.” (goes back to stocking up)
Customer: “Hey do you know who you remind me of?”
Me: “Trinity from the Matrix?”
Customer: “…yeah…”
Me: “Okay sir”
(I then get a car in my lane so I go take their order and cash. When I come back, the man has gotten his food and is obviously waiting for me)
Customer: “No but do you know who I was gonna say you remind me of?”
Me: “No, who?”
Customer: “Princess Charlotte Elizabeth the 3rd Diana. She’s gonna grow up to be a beauty”
Me: “umm”
Customer: (notices the bag in front of him) “is this mine??”
Me: “Yes it is sir”
Customer: “And it’s just been sitting here?? The service in this place is appalling!”