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(It is around 3 am and I’m working alone. I’m a female. This young guy in his 20s comes in, he looks foreign and has a slight accent, like from Russia or around there.)

Guy: “Excuse me, but do you have a room?”

(I tell him we do and state the room prices. His face falls.)

Guy: “That’s too much. Hm, let me see…”

(He starts pacing around, looking around the lobby. I’m getting a little suspicious, but patiently wait until he leaves. He doesn’t though.)

Guy: “Listen, I need some change, do you have some change?”

Me: “Um, sir, we don’t have any change for non guests.”

Guy: *suddenly intense* “No! I need change! Open your drawer! Open it!”

Me: *seriously alarmed* “No sir, I will not do that. Now, you need to leave, or I will call the police.”

Guy: “Whatever.”

(I tell him again to leave, and he doesn’t, just lingers near the entrance, staring back at me. So I call the police and finally the guy flees. The police nab him a few blocks down, and arrest him for disorderly conduct. They also help me ban the guy. I guess in USA, police ban you!)