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(To start off, I work at a fast food restaurant that sells roast beef. With short staff and having 3 busses that night, we ran out of beef for about 20 minutes. This is how the costumer reacted to it through the drive thru)
Me: Hello, may I take your order please?
Costumer: yeah I would like two of the number 6  (includes roast beef)
Me: I’m sorry we are currently out of beef at the moment. Would there be anything else you would like?
Costumer: .Wow you’re out of beef?
Me: yes I’m sorry.
Costumer: wow. whatever. I’m leaving.
Me: I’m sorry, Have a good night.
Costumer: Wait why can you make the number 9 and not the number 6?
Me: Well that sandwich has a different type of meat on it. Would you like to get you that instead?
Costumer: Well can I get the number 9 for the same price as the number 6?
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.
Costumer: wow. why?
Me: Because the 9 is more expensive since it has more ingredients.
Costumer: Well I just want the meat on the bun, not the other stuff. So give it to me for the same price
Me: I’m sorry, but I still can’t do that.
Costumer: Wow, whatever (drives off)
Me and my co workers couldn’t believe it.

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