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(I sell prepaid and contract phones in a corporate store. Im trying to finish my shift at my job, but a customer needed help getting information about prepaid plans and phones. After an hour she finally chooses a plan and a phone. We ring everything up and are in the process of trying to activate the phone. Phones usually can take a little while to activate but sometimes there are small problems. Note our store has horrible phone reception and lousy wifi.)

Me: So once your phone activates you’ll be good to go!

Customer: Okay. Thank you.

Me: *has already tried to activate phone twice with no luck within fifteen minutes* Let me call my manager and ask him what I can do.

(I call my manager and he said the guest can take the phone home and it will activate, and that we have bad reception. Instantly, the customer goes from pleasant to very rude and impatient.)

Customer: You know what Im tired of waiting, I want to return everything. (she had bought a phone, a plan data card, a car charger and a mini SD card)

Me: Oh, are you sure? The phone works, we just have bad service. You can take it home and come back tomorrow if you have any problems.

Customer: No, I want to return everything now. I dont want to come back tomorrow. Im taking my business elsewhere. I want my money back NOW.

Me: Okay… I’ll take you up to guest services.

Customer: *while grinding teeth* I am really losing my patience. I  want my money back. Now.

(we get the customer most of her money back, but we have a problem with a prepaid card that we activated. The customer had paid in cash, so we were having a hard time refunding her money, since the card was activated with a phone plan. I had to call the customer service line for the mobile company she just signed up for. While Guest services and I are trying to get the last of her cash back, she gets more and more angry and impatient. It’s been two hours now.)

Customer: I. Want. My. Money. Back. Now!

Me: Ma’am, we’re trying. please calm down. Im on the phone stuck on hold with customer service for *blank* mobile, and guest services is trying to override the system to get you your money back.

(finally a manager comes along who can override the system and open the register to get the guest the rest of her money. She held me at the store two hours after I was supposed to go home, repeatedly told me that she was losing her patients and giving me dirty looks, and completely wasted my time.)