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(I work in the employment office of a larger company. This means that we only deal with employees who actually work for the company. Per company policy, I and my coworkers are unable to answer any customer questions. If a customer calls us, we have to transfer them to customer service, even if we know the answer to their questions. This phone conversation takes place with a new coworker who is usually very friendly on the phone)

Coworker: [Company Name], this is [Her name]. How can I help you?

Customer: Yeah, can you tell me what time you all close today?

Coworker: I’m sorry, but I don’t have that information. I can transfer you to our customer service, though.

Customer: I’ve been on hold with them for 45 minutes and no one ever got back to me! Can’t you help me?

Coworker: I’m very sorry about that. They may be receiving a high volume of calls, but I can assure you that they are answering calls in the order they are received.

Customer: Why can’t you just tell me what your hours are?

Coworker: I can’t give out that information here, but I would be happy to transfer you to someone who can help you.

Customer: Are you even at [Company Name]!?

Coworker: Yes, I am here.

Customer: Then don’t you know if you’re open right now!?

Coworker: I’m sorry, but I can’t give you that information here. Customer service can help you, though.

Customer: I don’t see why you can’t just tell me if you’re there! Why don’t you know your own hours?!

Coworker: I’m sorry, but all I can do is transfer you to- *she stops, as the customer as hung up*

Coworker: *looking at me* What was her problem? I offered to transfer her so many times. What else could I do?

Me: Welcome to [Company].