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(I work in an adult store, but I answer the phone for the topless club next door as well.)

Caller: How do I get a job as a dancer?
Me: You fill out an application and speak to a manager.
Caller: Okay. Can I speak to a manager?
Me: No. You have to come in for that. (That’s not necessarily true, but I can hear two other girls laughing in the background and realize it’s a prank call.)
Caller: Well I want to speak to him now.
Me: You’ll have to come in and fill out an application and speak to him in person.
Caller: I’m real pretty and I’ll make ya’ll lots of money.
Me: Mmk.
Caller: So am I hired?
Me: (sarcastically) Did you fill out an application?
Caller: Did you let me speak to a manager?
Me: (even more sarcastically) Did you come in and speak to him in person?
Caller: No.
Me: Alright then. *click*

(They called back the next night and after asking how to get hired, they continued with this.)
Caller: Well I’ve got two friends who want to work their too. One’s name is Rider. (passes phone)
“Rider”: They call me Rider ’cause I ride that pole.
Me: (rolls eyes) Okay.
Third girl: Yeah and they call me (I missed the fake name because I wasn’t really paying attention.) because once I start thrusting nothing can stop me.
Me: (dryly) That’s great. I’m hanging up now. *click*

(They called back one more time before apparently getting bored of it.)

Caller: Yeah my name is Chocolate Thunder and me and my friends, (two names I missed because I again wasn’t really paying attention), want to work there. Can you put in a good word for us?
Me: Yep.
Caller: Okay well I’m Chocolate Thunder. Make sure you write this down.
Me: I’m writing. (Definitely not writing.)
Caller: Well what are our names?
Me: Chocolate Thunder. Something I wasn’t paying attention to. Something else…I’m hanging up now, bye! *click*