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(I work at a dollar store, and we’re often confused for a different dollar store that’s not too far away. The other store is running a sale on cases of soda, while we’re running a sale on two liter bottles. We’ve already had lots of people coming in getting the sales mixed up. One woman comes up to the counter to pay, and finds out that her cases of soda are not on sale.)

Customer: But didn’t you guys have a sale in your paper about cases of soda.

Coworker: No, that’s (different store). We’re (our store).

Customer: Oh…are you sure you’re not (different store)?

Coworker: (flashing the most confused look ever at me) Um…yeah.

Customer: …but are you sure? Because I could have sworn this was a (different store).

Coworker: No, we’re (our store).

Customer: But are you sure?

(She kept asking for another few minutes, and simply wouldn’t not believe that we knew which store we were currently working at.)