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( I am 13 , working in a supermarket as a bagger , along with another employee . A very Burly looking white man , covered in tattoos and sweat stains on his shirt , walks in towards the end of my shift . Note , my coworker is from a Spanish family , her hair is dark brown , and her skin is tan . the man gets his groceries and comes to my till , since it is the only one open at the moment . He stares at my coworker through the entire transaction )

Customer: Are you Mexican ?

Coworker: * already scanning the customers items* I’m Spanish , Why ?

Customer: Why are you taking jobs from good , hardworking white folk ?

Coworker: I need to support my family . My father works at (local roofing company) and my mother works at (popular law firm) . *tapping away on the register* sir , that will be (price)

Customer: I’m not giving my hard earned money to a D*** mexican . B**** .*slaps the side of her head , leaving a huge red mark , that will most likely bruise*

Coworker: *speachless*

Customer: You’re taking jobs from white folk ! i will not stand for it . get me your manager ! now !

Me: * walking around the till , to stand in front of the customer , note : I am a 5’2 female , who is very petite compared to this man * sir , Our manager is Latino . And this is Harassment . She is not a B**** , She simply works her a** off unlike some people . She works harder than all of the white people in this market combined . I can call the police , and give them the security tapes . you will be charged . I am refusing you service . now get out or i will call the police * picks up my cell phone to show im not kidding *

Customer: I-I… * storms out , flustered*

( that was 5 years ago and  now my coworker is married with 2 children , and she owns a larger store in the supermarkets chain!)

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