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(My coworker is ringing up a customer when another approaches their register. I have no customer at my register.)

Coworker: “He can take you over there.”

Me: “Hello. You all set, ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I start to ring up her items and one rings up for $6.)

Customer: “How much was that one?”

Me: “$6.”

Customer: “No. There’s a sign over there that says they’re on sale for $1.99.”

Me: “Okay, let me just call someone to be sure-”

Customer: “You do that!”

(I call the department and a coworker from there comes up to my register.)

Me (to coworker): “Hey. This is ringing up regular price for $6, and she says there’s a sign saying it’s for $2.”

Customer (to coworker): “*rude tone* Yeah, there’s a whole sign over there that says they’re $2. I didn’t grab them from anywhere else.”

Coworker: “Okay, let me go check.”

Customer (to me): “She better. These are definitely not regular price…”

(A few minutes pass and the coworker calls me.)

Coworker: “Yeah. They are regular price. There are some other ones on sale that were regularly less than the one she has… I also just dealt with that lady on the sales floor. If she gives you a hard time, just call a manager.”

Me: “Thank you. *hangs up* (to customer) These are actually regular price. There are some that were originally less that are ringing up for-”

Customer: “*rude tone again* Forget it. Take those off. I don’t have time to play these games. I’ll just get it from somewhere cheaper.”

Me: “Very well. *deletes item and informs her of total*”

(The customer hands me a gift card as I proceed to bag her items. I tell her what she owes after the gift card. I wait patiently as she puts the small bag in her purse.)

Me: “…Ma’am. You still owe me $1.”

Customer: “Wait, what? I thought that was what you were giving back to me!”

Me: “Nope. You owe just $1.”

Customer: “Unbelievable. I was standing here thinking you owed me money- Here.”

Me: “*takes money, hands her receipt.* You’re all set.”

(Customer walks away with us both saying nothing.)

Coworker (next to me): “I can’t believe her. I bet you’re glad she’s gone now.”

Me: “*sigh* Yes. My faith in humanity has definitely gone down a point today…”