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(Although you only have to be 18 to enter, we have to check everyone’s ID EVERY TIME no matter what. There is a sign on the door and on the counter right when you walk in. Here are some of the responses we get when we ask for people’s IDs.)

Customer: Don’t I look old enough?

Customer: My white hair isn’t ID enough?

Customer with grey hair: I just turned 17 yesterday.

Customer: Don’t you remember me from last time?

Customer: How old do I LOOK?

Customer: Can’t you just let it slide this one time?

Customer: I forgot/don’t have my ID. Can I just tell you my birthday?

Customer: He/she is my husband/wife. They can vouch for me.

Customer: I showed you my ID last time.

Customer: I don’t have my ID. Can I just stand right here? (gestures to right inside the door)

Customer: Can I show you my Facebook? (This was my personal favorite. Because you definitely can’t put whatever you want on THAT.)

Customer: Seriously? I have to show my ID to get in here?

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