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(My coworker had this lady approach timidly.)

Lady: “Excuse me, can I have some juice?”

Coworker: “Um? No, we don’t have any juice. The nearest store is a block away.”

Lady: “No! I must have juice now! Surely you have some!”

Coworker: “No we don’t, we are a hotel, not a grocery store.”

Lady: *suddenly goes beserk* “NOOOO!”

(She rants about how she’s diabetic and she just had come from a funeral for her ‘uncle’, and that he had died of diabetes, and she would too if she didn’t get juice RIGHT THIS SECOND.)

Manager: “What is the problem here?”

Lady: “JUICE!”

(The manager tells her no and she storms off after cussing us out like a sailor. We thought that she would have a stroke! Later, she wrote a nasty letter to corporate, telling them we refused to give her juice, the manager was nasty and told her never to come back, and that her ‘dad’ had died. Sorry for your loss but don’t take it out on us!)