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(I’m in a small, family-owned independent type grocery store, and every so often they run offers. I don’t know how to explain it, the offers are run by an outside company and they basically send through signs with the offers on them, and the store runs them. The store doesn’t control them, nor does it make the signs. This particular day they’ve got an offer on a certain type of drink, two for £1.50, but the sign isn’t clear as to what flavours the drink covers, so I lift two and go to the till. As he rings them through I ask about the offer, and he goes to check:)

Cashier: Sorry, the offer only covers <other flavour>, not this one.
Me: Oh, sure, okay. I’ll take them anyway.
(two would cost £2 anyway, so it was only a 50p difference)
Cashier: Are you sure?
Me: Um, it’s a 50p difference, it’s not something I’m going to whine over. The sign wasn’t clear, it’s no big deal.
Cashier: (looking at me like I had two heads) Alright then!

(he later said that he’d had someone else do the same thing earlier, and they’d thrown a tantrum over the fact they weren’t getting the 50p off. Seriously? If you’re throwing a tantrum over that, maybe you’ve got more to worry about than getting 50p off the price of two cans of energy drink)