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, | Unfiltered | March 26, 2019

I’m at a restaurant with a friend. I like hot food and therefore order something labeled “extra spicy”.

Waitress: Are you sure about that? It’s really spicy.
Me: Oh, yeah, I really enjoy spicy food, so actually that’s great!

After a short time she returns with our drinks and a small dish with a sample of the sauce from my order, looking apprehensive.

Waitress: Would you mind trying it? A lot of people ordered this tonight and got really upset because of how spicy it is.
Me: Oh, sure. *tastes the food which is kinda spicy, but does not exactly make my mouth burn* Wow, that’s great.
Waitress: (relieved) Okay, thanks! We’ll prepare your order as soon as possible. It’s just that so many people complained…

The food was great and the waitress was really nice, but the whole thing did leave me wondering how presumptous you have to be to order extra spicy food and then complain that it’s spicy!

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