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(Because I am OCD and the manager, everything in the store is in CLEARLY labeled sections and everything has price stickers. It’s not a very big store so you can see the brightly colored signs telling which section is which as soon as you walk in. We still get these at least once a day.)

Customer: Where are your (name of section that is clearly labeled)?

Customer: How much is this? (Holds up item from across the store)
Me: Everything should have a tag on it. (And by “should” I mean does.)
Customer: Oh okay.
(Few minutes later)
Same customer: How much is THIS?
Me: (trying very hard to be polite) Um…it should have a tag.
(This usually repeats until I walk over to them and very pointedly look at the tags every time they ask and hold it out for them to see said tag while I read it to them.)