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(At the only grocery store in my small town that is known for its high price. I just rang up the items)
Me: That will be (amount)
Costumer: what? No, that soda is too expensive.
Me:I am sorry
Costumer: What the f***. I am sick of you making prices too high.
Me: I do not set the price.
Costumer: Than I do not want the soda.
(I duck just in time to miss a 2-liter soda to the face. I picked it up and took it off. I was not allowed to try to get her kicked out)
Costumer (to her husband): Leave it to people like her trying to take money from hard working people like us.
(as I took off the soda I missed seeing the bread that did hit my face.)
Costumer: I only want that
(the manager sets up behind me and I ring it up as she cusses about how expensive the items are to him.)
Me: That will be (amount)
(the manager has to register that I voided the the soda. the woman left still giving me dirty looks.)
Manager: At least you didn’t get the raw chicken to the face.
(Found out that the day before one of the workers had the same issue with a different woman and had chicken threw at her. This store was a little tough to work at)

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