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(I was originally hired to help this store move to a better location and stayed with them as a sales associate for a few months before life took me elsewhere.  The following occurred the first day the store reopened.)

Customer: Hi!  I was wondering if you had any cardboard boxes I could take.

Me: I don’t think we do.  We throw all of our cardboard in the trash compactor every day.

Customer: Well you used to be able to give me boxes all the time.

Me: It’s my understanding that the old store didn’t have a compactor.  Now that we do, we get rid of the boxes on a daily basis.

Customer: Well can you go in the back and check?

Me: Sure I can check but I really don’t think we have anything.

Customer: You know what?!  Never mind.  Obviously you are just trying to get out of helping me.

Me: I don’t mind.  Rea-

Customer: Too late!  Forget it!

(I spotted the woman talking to a manager a few minutes later and I never saw her again.)

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