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(I’m a supervisor at a national chain drug store/pharmacy and I get this call one night)

Store Intercom: [My Name], help the caller on line 1 please, [My Name], line 1.

Me: This is [My Name], how can I help you tonight?

Caller: Yes, I was wondering if you had [Brand] of women’s incontinence underpants, not the pads, but the underpants.
(I can tell she’s definitely older.)

Me: OK, I understand, let me go take a look ma’am, and if we have them I’ll have the prices for ya when I get back.

Caller: Thank you.

(I go and I look and I bring the products back to the phone with me)

Me: OK ma’am I have two [Brand] women’s underpants. One covers size [size to size] for [price], and the other covers size [size to size] for [price].

Caller: …

Me: …

Caller: I…I don’t know what this means.

Me: You asked me if we hadna product, and I just told you that we did, what sizes we had and how much they were.

Caller: Ok.

Me: Ok.

Caller: …

Me: …

Caller: …Goodbye!

(I don’t know what she was expecting.)