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(I wok in a small retail store in England, we don’t have much room for all the products we can get and sell, most people come in to us for our advice on buying a item or accessories. Only the most popular items are held in regular stock and this usually gets us by, but I have this one customer who’s done this a couple of times, so I broke the news to him)

Me: Good afternoon, how can I help?

Customer: Hi yeah i’m looking for a underwater cable for my camera.
(The exact name of said cable escapes me but its something neither myself nor my colleges have ever heard of, nonetheless a very rare and unusual request)

Me: Oh sorry, we don’t sell those, but I can get you theĀ  number of another company you can contact, i’m sure they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for, they operate out of London.
(As i’m looking through their website for a number I hear him mumble something under his breath)

Customer (Mumbling): They never have anything in this shop.

Me: Well, sir, here’s the number, and as to not having the item you require in stock i’m very sorry, but the item you are looking for is quite rare for a highstreet store to stock, we are a very small shop and all the stock room we have for products is what you can see hanging on the walls surrounding us and under the counter i’m standing behind.
If you were to call us before hand to check if we have the item you’re looking for in stock before you come here, i’m sure it wouldn’t be a wasted journey each time.
Enjoy the rest of your afternoon

Customer (Sheepishly): …Thanks.

As customer walk away, his wife turns her head and mouths “Sorry” at me.
I smile and nod politely.