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, | Unfiltered | March 22, 2019

(So we had someone today ask about our 2 for $5. And the cashier tells him about it, he’s in drivethru, anyone with a headset can hear him)

Cst: “I’d to try the teriyaki chicken, but I want an original. chicken.. I want a rodeo chicken”

Cashier: “… So which two sandwiches would you like?”

Cst: “The one you have up on the screen right now, and the other one”

Cashier: “… Which other sandwich sir? I have the teriyaki and which other?”

Cst: “The other one”

Cashier: “… The… other… chicken?”

Cst: “The original”

Cashier: “So you want the teriyaki and the original chicken”

Cst: “Yeah”

(This whole conversation spanned almost 5 minutes.)

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