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We are a children’s hospital.  In our ER, one of our patient care techs is named Joshua and looks a remarkable amount like Jesus–brown, long-ish hair, beard, everything.  This happens with one little girl who has a chronic illness and is what we affectionately refer to as a “frequent-flyer.”  She is very nice, and kind, but also very precocious.

Patient Care Tech walks in:  Hi, [so and so], I’m Joshua, just here to draw some blood, okay?

Little Girl:  It’s Jesus!

Tech (laughing):  No, I’m not Jesus.

Little Girl:  Yes, you are.  You’re Jesus.  It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone.

Tech:  Thanks, but I’m not Jesus.  My name is Joshua.

Little Girl:  Did you know that Jesus wasn’t his real name.  His name was Joshua. That’s what his mother called him (this is actually true).

Tech:  Maybe, but I’m just Joshua.

This all continues, every time the tech coming in, the little girl insisting that he is Jesus.  He stops trying to correct her eventually.

As they were being discharged the mother pulled him aside.

Mother:  I just want you to know, that she still thinks you’re Jesus.  And that actually means that you were very kind and compassionate.  It’s a compliment.  Keep up the good work.

It really made his day.

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