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(Note: I am 26 years old and am pregnant with my second child. I am walking around the store my best friend, her boyfriend, my husband, and three year old daughter. This conversation happens when I walk up to a till with my friend and help her pay for her things while our men walk around the store, ps. the cashier is a teenage girl who looks about seventeen)

Cashier: “Holy s***, you look like a fat cow. I think you need to go on a diet or something. No ones going to want to bang you if you’re fat.”

(The cashier looks at my 7 month baby bump and and rolls her eyes in disgust. My friend looks at me but says nothing and we continue to ignore her.”

Cashier: “You know, i’m a teenager and even I know if I want to get laid I have to exercise and not eat. Only fat pigs like yourself end up having a dozen cats a home.”

(This carries on for the rest of transaction and I’m more than annoyed. I decide I might as well speak up now.)

Me: “Look girl, I don’t care that you feel the need to starve yourself just you can get a stupid boy to have sex with you. I, don’t need to do that. I am happily married with a super hot man and probably has my three year old daughter in his arms. I’m a 26 year old mother and it’s non of your concern but, i’m pregnant with my second child. Now, if you excuse me but this fat cow is going to go home and know that I can have sex whenever and wherever I want with someone who doesn’t care what size or thickness I am.”

(My husband and daughter have snuck up behind me and have listened to the whole thing.)

Daughter: “Yeah!!”

(She throws her plastic toy and hits the teenager right in her nose. My daughter then sticks her tongue and yells MEANIE all the way to the car while my husband couldn’t stop laughing. We even treated her to some ice cream!)

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