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I work as a “Maintenance Associate” for a large chain store. our city allowed them to start a store in a small, but feasible space with only 3 bathrooms in the building, two single use bathrooms in front, and a mens/womens restroom in the back. on occasions I am the only associate who is there to clean, and I am sometimes forced to clean the women’s restroom. Before cleaning the women’s restroom, for obvious reasons, I have to wait until all females leave. as I wait, an elderly lady came up with a bag of grapes, wanting to go in.

Lady: *Speaking in spanish, but makes it clear she wants to use the restroom*
Me: *Doesn’t understand, but deducts the obvious* I’m sorry miss, but I must clean the restroom, due to a mess.
Lady: oooohhh, okay.

Initially I thought she got the idea, and I turned around to see if anyone was coming out. as I did, I noticed something off on the corner of my eye, turned around, and saw her cleaning the grapes in the water fountain.

Me: *Upset, but trying my damnest to keep calm* M’am what are you doing!?
Lady: *Speaking in spanish, but gestures and makes clear she was trying to wash them*
Me: No! You can’t wash them in the fountain, you’re making a mess on the floor!

She realized there was a puddle on the ground, stopped, and then hurried off, as if I seemed to intend to take her grapes away for using the fountain to clean them as other customers laughed.