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(I’m a manager at a pet store with a grooming salon. A grooming client has been in the store since dropping her dog off, knowing the 3 hour appointment time. She’s been in and out of the salon, agitating her dog and making the groom more difficult. After convincing her to hide from the dog’s sight, I approach her out of the salon)

Me: Oh, he’s so cute! I’m glad the haircut is going more smoothly now!
Client: Yeah sure, but I’m not happy!
Me: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! What’s wrong?
Client: I pacifically told her not to shave him, and look at my baby!
They’re using the shaver on my baby!
Me: Oh, yeah, that can be confusing. They use the clippers to do most of the work, but the groomer had a guard comb on for a longer length. It looks like he’s shaving him, but it’s actually pretty long.
Client: When I booked the appointment, they said they would use scissors on him, but they’re shaving my baby!
Me: yes, she’ll use the scissors later to finish his haircut but the cliipers help keep things even.
Client: But I PACIFICALLY told her not to shave him!
(Now I’m really resisting correcting her, thinking it will only make her more mad. After some back and forth between her and the groomer, I find that the client showed a picture to the groomer of a dog with long hair on the legs and face, and a very tight body cut. She said she wanted the legs short, and the body left long. I’m now also the cashier ringing her out.)
Me: I’m sorry for the confusion, between what you said you wanted and what you showed the groomer. Is there anything I can do for you?
Client:No, I just want to pay and go home. I PACIFICALLY (*almost coming over the counter at me*) didn’t want him shaved and look what they did to my baby! Oh well, at least I won’t have to brush him.
Me: No ma’am, you definitely want to brush him or he’ll get matted again and then there will be no choi…
Client: *evil glare* No he’s bald! I won’t have to brush him! *storms off*
Other manager: Break time?
(Can’t wait for her to come back)

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