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A customer has a gas gift card and it fails to work outside at the pump.
Me: Let me see if I can do it inside, how much do you want (on the outside it says $50)
Customer: $20
So I type it in, slide the card, and I get an error, saying no pre-auth. (if the balance is zero is usually says insuff funds, and if there is less than $20 it does a partial approval for the remainder)
Me: The card is not going through, it’s saying it’s not authorized.
Customer: but there is $25 left on there, my mother gives me a gas card every week and I haven’t spent it all yet.
Me: Ok, but there is no way for me to put money on the pump, the register won’t let me.
Customer: Ok I’ll try it outside again, if it doesn’t work you need to call your manager or something this is bullshit.

I’m the only one working, and I know it won’t work because the card for some reason isn’t valid, so I wait for him to get frustrated and come back in.

Customer: Here (throws card at me) call the number on theĀ  back because this is stupid there is $25 on there.

I have my computer so instead of calling the automated line, I just go to the website and type in the number. After I type in the card number it tells me that the balance on the card is $0.00.
Me: It says the balance is $0
Customer: Did you do it right? I’m going to a different station because you look like you just don’t give a F*ck.

and he left in a rage to the station (of the same kind) down the street.