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(It’s later in the evening, just before we close the dine-in doors for the night when this customer walks in. He appears to be much older than me. )

Me: Hello! Are you ready to order?
Customer: *gives me a creepy smile*
Me: Sir?
Customer: Yeah, uh, what time are you off?
(This type of question was typical. I wave it off with a nervous laugh.)
Me: Are you ready to order, sir?
Customer: Y’know, I don’t know how much you make an hour, but how about I take you home with me? I’ll pay double whatever you’d be making here!
Me: …Um, no thank you?
(Afterwards, I go to my manager who was listening the whole time. He’s trying really hard not to laugh.)
Me: Did you hear what he just asked me?
Manager: *busts out laughing*

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