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(I’m moving in with my boyfriend and will be looking for a new job soon. My coworker and I are discussing job possibilities and a customer, who has already paid for his items, is eavesdropping.)

Me: I’d really like to try to get a job at the [well-known videogame store] because I think that would be so much fun!

Customer: *scoffs* You have to actually KNOW something about videogames to work at a [well-known videogame store]!

Me: Yeah, I know they generally want someone that knows about games. That’s the whole idea.

Customer: *rolls his eyes* Like you would know anything about videogames!

Me: *arches one eyebrow* I’m guessing you’re saying that because I’m a cute girl, right?

(Much to his shock, I start naming my favorite videogames and the systems I have owned through the years.)

Me: …Oh and I had the Sega CD. *wrinkles nose* It wasn’t that great.

Customer: *triumphantly* Ha! That shows what you know! It’s a Sega SATURN not a Sega CD!

Me: *smugly* On the contrary, my dear: the Sega CD came out before the Sega Saturn. It was an add-on for the Sega itself.

Customer: There’s no such thing!

Me: Google it.

(The customer whips out his smartphone and furiously types on it. He reads something then gives me dirty look.)

Customer: *snidely* I’ll bet you just found that out by chance while searching for something else! I bet you were just doing videogame related searches to impress your boyfriend!

Me: *snorts* Not likely.

Customer: *nearly shouting* There’s no way you knew that on your own! You had to have found it out from the internet because gamer chicks are ugly!

(With that he stormed out, nearly knocking over a regular, who has known me since I was a child, in the process.)

Regular: Why did he say female gamers are ugly?

Coworker: *shaking her head* That guy was all mad because [my name] said she wanted to work at a game store. According to his logic, pretty girls don’t know anything about videogames and don’t play them, either.

Regular: *arches one eyebrow and looks at me* So what does that make you then?

Me: *without skipping a beat* A figment of my boyfriend’s imagination.