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(A coworker of mine relayed this story to me. Keep in mind, we are a family owned business, not part of a franchise or anything. We don’t own the name of the business nationwide, but we are the only one in Minnesota.)

Coworker: (Store name), is this going to be for pick up or delivery?

Caller: I actually want to make a reservation for 10 people tonight.

Coworker: Ok, what time would you like that for?

Caller: 7 (note that it is already 8:30)

Coworker: Um… did you mean tomorrow?

Caller: No, tonight! This is the (Store name) in (some city) Idaho, right?

Coworker: We’re in Minnesota.

Caller: *hangs up*

Coworker (later to us as he’s telling the story): Aparrently there’s a (store) in Idaho somewhere, but I don’t know how she got our number instead. Also, I think Idaho is only an hour behind us, so she might still be late on making that reservation…