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( I work in the bakery department of a grocery store, which is just a few yards from the deli. We can see them, and they can see us, and customer foot traffic passes the deli first for the most part. It’s a little after opening, and though there’s an employee visibly working in the deli and the lights are on in the department, they technically aren’t open for business for another hour. They have a very large sign detailing their business hours, though sometimes pushy customers argue to get service before then.

I’m scanning inventory on the display floor when a customer bee-lines past the deli right for me. I greet her, expecting a bakery question, and she seems very sweet. )

Customer: I’m sorry, do you know when the deli opens?

( I can only blink and glance at the obviously manned deli area. I decide to let my coworker off easy as it’s a busy morning, and I give the customer as best a sheepish smile as I can act. )

Me: 7 am. I’m sorry.

Customer: *dramatically snaps her fingers* Darn! Thank you though! *leaves none the wiser*

Me: *stares over at my coworker in the deli, who is totally unaware and going about her work*

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