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Right, so I’ve written about the joys of having an uncommon name before, and I’ll no doubt do so again, but this particular experience this morning left me feeling especially…. strange, for lack of a better word.
* phone rings *
” Good morning, ******* Irrigation, Jethro speaking”
” Sorry, who am I speaking to? ”
” Jethro, in the irrigation department….”
” Heathrow”
” Aah, no, sorry, that’s Jethro. With a J….”
” Yes”
( From the ‘yes’ above, I’m picking this person’s finally got it…)
” No worries, what can I do for you today? ”
” Heathrow, it’s ****** at ****** here, I had a pump set up by you guys a year or two back, and I’m having trouble….”
( At this point I’m thinking what the hell, just go with it, I’m neither a London suburb, a hedge bordering a wasteland, or the worlds busiest airport, but hey, there are worse names out there..)
After what boiled down to: ” Have you tried turning it off then on again? Ok, hold down the reset button, count to ten, then you should be ok”, The troublesome pump is running beautifully, and all is well.. Just think of me as your I.T. desk for all things water – related.
* I mean no disrespect to my caller here, the system they were dealing with can be a right ‘mare for tripping out after power surges, and the fix, although simple, isn’t always obvious.*
” Ok, so as long as you’re happy with how things are running now, we’ll leave it there, but if the problem shows up again, let me know, if need be I’ll come round and take a look “.
” Absolutely, thank you so much! ”
” No problem, that’s what we’re here for ”
” Thanks again, Heathrow ”
* click *
Yep, that’s ‘Heathrow’…… with a J…….

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